Children's House Nursery Knowledge Base what meals are provided at nursery

It is important to develop patterns of healthy eating from an early age and therefore childcare settings should provide healthy, balanced, nutritious meals and snacks for all children in their care.

For babies on formulae or breast milk each childcare setting will offer differing policies so it’s always best to check with a nursery on its policies in this respect.

Nurseries often have a cook and provide onsite freshly cooked meals

Menus should be seasonal to make the most of fresh produce and varied. Most nurseries work on a rolling four weekly menu pattern.  A selection of lunches, teas and snacks typically available at Children’s House Nursery can be viewed on our Nursery Meals page.

Special diets, allergies, intolerances should all be catered for and where possible children should be served a similar meal to the rest of the children to avoid them feeling different.

What nursery meals are usually provided?

Breakfast, mid-morning snack, two course lunch and afternoon tea are the usual meals provided for childcare settings.

Nurseries should have fresh water and fruit available at all times.