School Ready – what’s it all about?

What does being ‘ school ready ‘ mean?

Being school ready can be defined in so many ways – there is no right or wrong answer.  However school ready is more than just your child being ready to start school – with not only the physical and cognitive development but also being socially and emotionally ready.  It also involves a school being ready for each and every child and their uniqueness.  This can be achieved by good transitions between home and childcare and school.

building blocks to being school ready childrens house nursery southwell

Being school ready can be defined in so many ways - there is no right or wrong answer.  However school ready is more than just your child being ready to start school. Click To Tweet

At its most basic level children need to be aiming for/to have;pencil control childrens house nursery southwell

  • strong social skills
  • are able to cope emotionally with being separated from their parents
  • are relatively independent in their own personal care
  • have a curiosity about the world and a desire to learn.

school ready mark making at the childrens house nursery southwellOf course, one size does not fit all and children are individuals.  In the classroom some children might be considerably older than others with some children only just having turned 4 and others maybe about to turn 5.  Each child has different needs and will be at a different development stages.

The introduction of early years entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds is central in allowing all children to access early years education.  Allowing all children the equal opportunity to spend time in childcare settings in order to facilitate the learning and development of skills which promote school readiness.  It is important that children where possible use all of their Funded Hours.

Good communication between school and home/nursery is vital.  Sharing good practice and reinforcing positive relationships between childcare and teaching professionals can overcome barriers.  Sharing our knowledge across sectors can make that difference to helping the child settle in to a new setting/school and feel happy and secure.  Where possible information should be shared enabling a coordinated approach.

Some children may have developmental delays so if parents feel their child may need extra support they should talk with their Health visitor or GP and of course, if the child is currently in a setting things may have been put in place already to provide early intervention.

Some activities that might encourage and promote school readiness are listed below.  All involve a journey of development, starting and building on each development stage.  For example, a child might start being able to put their coat on but not fasten it up etc.

  • Learning to put their own coats, hats, shoes on correctly and fasten thempencil control childrens house nursery southwell
  • Child led learning
  • finding their coat peg
  • popping personal possessions into their named tray
  • using the toilet independently
  • self-registration
  • accessing toys independently
  • following simple instruction

Evidence shows that children who attend good quality, structured childcare settings where the Early Years Foundation Stage is delivered have an increased chance of settling well into school and being equipped with the social and emotional requirements to be ‘ school ready ’.

At Children’s House Nursery we believe attending our sessions on a regular basis each week would naturally support your child’s transition into school, giving them the key skills necessary, a curiosity to question, explore, grow and thrive.  Please see our Foundation Unit page for more information on how we encourage each child to be school ready.

You’re most welcome to come and look round The Children’s House Day Nursery to see for yourself.  We feel we are a little different but you have to visit to experience that – the written word can only impart so much.

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