doTERRA wild orange essential oils for children

Essential Oils for children

Guest blog post

My name is Kat Stevens, I’m a Mind & Body Coach, mum of two and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

I started working with doTERRA after using their oils and experiencing improvements to my physical and emotional health, and significant changes to my son’s emotional health, digestive health and sleep.

I’ve written this short blog to introduce you to the use of essential oils for the whole family.

Why Essential Oils?

doTERRA essential oils for the whole family

The use of oil isn’t new, we have been using plants, leaves, fruits and herbs as natural medicine for millennia.

I’m guessing that there have been times that you have reached for peppermint tea for indigestion or nausea? I certainly got through a lot of peppermint tea in pregnancy.

Maybe you’ve used tea tree before? I certainly did in my teenage years and for calming we might associate the use of lavender.

How do they work?

The oils can affect our physical and emotional well being by working with the body’s natural properties. They are made up of tiny molecules that can deliver healing properties to body systems that control our physiological state.

How can you use them?


When applied to the skin the properties get into the body quickly.  Try rubbing a piece of garlic on your feet and you’ll taste garlic not long after!

For adults, pulse points work well, for babies and children apply as per dilution instructions to the skin.


When inhaling through diffusion, the molecules trigger tiny nerves to send a signal to the brain.


I wouldn’t take any other oil internally, but due to the testing doTERRA oils undergo, I do.  It’s not something my children do yet though, but that’s a personal choice.

Oil use in children

Kids are not mini adults, so doses and dilution need to be adjusted. I can offer full advice to any doTERRA customers.

As with any ‘medicines’ they should be kept out of reach of children.

Here are just a couple of the most popular oils to use with children

Wild Orange

Wild orange is used to lift mood and energise the mind and body. This has been a main stay for my two children on days when things may seem just a bit overwhelming for them, or they lack motivation, and it works exactly the same for me!

doTERRA wild orange essential oils for children

For older children and adults, Wild Orange is great to remove anxiety and support emotional wellness.


We know about the calming effects of lavender, a 10 ml roller ball diluted according to age on their feet can calm a restless child and support sleep.

We can also use it for burns and irritated skin.  It’s great as part of your skin care routine too, an adaptogen, so does what the body needs, a truly versatile oil.

A couple of drops in the diffuser at bedtime as part of your child’s bedtime routine promotes a restful sleep (and for you too, because a day at work after disturbed sleep is no fun!)

All essential oils are not the same

There is no regulatory body for essential oils, and with that in mind, all therapeutic oils are not the same.

Where and how the plant is grown affects its structure and potency, also how it is distilled, for how long, at what temperature, and also whether or not pesticides or chemicals are used in the growing process, or if fillers or synthetics are added.

doTERRA have introduced their own grading and testing system, called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  This involves several levels of testing, most importantly by a third party. 

I therefore know that the doTERRA oils I am using for myself, and my children are absolutely natural and powerful.  What’s more, I can enter the code on the bottom of the oil bottle into and I can see the test results and the constituents and the level within the oil.

Want to know more?

It’s so important to understand purity and safety in the use of oils – especially with children. My role as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA oils is to provide that support and advice.

If you want to know more about the use of oils either for yourself, or your family, please contact me on the email below. I run classes locally that you may find useful or you could host your own class and I also do 1:1 consultations.

If you want to read a little more about doTERRA oils then follow the link