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Childcare options:  Day Nursery vs  Childminder vs playgroup vs Nanny vs Grandparents

There are so many childcare options to choose from. How do you know what will be the best for your circumstances and more importantly your child?

Your decision may be reduced by lack of good provision in your area or even your working hours may dictate the type of provision that you can use.

We would always recommend using regulated providers and of course, all child carers in regulated settings need to have up to date DBS (Disclosure and Baring) checks.

We would also recommend child carers have child first aid training, relevant insurance including the transport of children in vehicles, food hygiene certificates for the safe preparation of food/milk. Staff should have access to training and opportunities for CPD (Continual Professional Development).

Please take a look at our nursery blog article about choosing the best option for you and your child which has some useful information.

Private Nanny

  • Sole charge
  • May or may not be qualified
  • May have first aid training
  • Registration is not a statutory requirement, although if not parents are unable to access any childcare costs through government
  • Nannies may be registered with Ofsted as a home childcarer or on the voluntary childcare register
  • Looks after child in your home – familiar surroundings
  • May provide irregular and shift work patterns and babysitting services, light housework etc.
  • May be a live in position
  • If Nanny is ill or on holiday you will need to arrange alternative childcare
  • No regulations as to how many or ages of children in their care
  • Possible lack of social development with other children (i.e. getting “school ready”, although a nanny can usually take children to local children’s groups (n.b. additional charges).


  • Usually sole charge
  • Must have minimum training, first aid and insurance but may be qualified Nursery practitioner
  • Ofsted registered
  • Can care for up to 6 children aged from birth to 8 years old
  • Environmental Health visits checks
  • May provide more irregular shift pattern cover and longer hours
  • If childminder is ill or on holiday then you would have to find alternative childcare
  • May take child if ill
  • Can take to other local childcare activities


  • Qualified and unqualified staff
  • May be parent helpers
  • Ofsted inspected
  • May be term-time or shorter opening hours
  • Some playgroups provide snacks but not meals (may need to provide your child’s lunch)
  • If staff are ill doesn’t usually affect child’s attendance (as can cover with other staff)
  • If your child is ill then there may be exclusion periods (i.e. 48 hours for sickness)
  • Some playgroups don’t take children under age 2 years

Day Nurseries

  • Qualified and unqualified staff
  • Ofsted registered
  • Environmental Health checks
  • Mostly open all year
  • Children’s illness may be exclusion period (i.e. 48 hours for sickness)
  • Staff illness does not usually affect children’s attendance (as can cover with other staff)

This is not an exhaustive list but details some of the differences between childcare providers.  Finding the right one for you and your child is based on many factors.

Here at Children’s House Nursery we know that day nurseries are not right for every family and recommend choosing and visiting a selection of providers so that you can narrow down your childcare options.

This website and written information can only give a small glimpse of what we have to offer so why not call 01636 378130 and book a nursery visit now?

This will give you a chance to see for yourself why we believe we are a little different from the rest.