Childrens House Nursery Southwell Nottinghamshire Childcare Costs

There are complaints that childcare costs are expensive and they are.

However, when you break childcare costs down a full-time nursery place of £200 per week is costing just £5.00 per hour (for 40 hours per week).

This is well below babysitting rates (usually an unqualified person) and nowhere near minimum wage levels and it includes premises, heat, rates, provisions and all meals and professional child carers.  It’s actually starting to sound quite reasonable – a cost for the care of the most important little person in your life.

As a parent you want high quality, professional staff caring for your precious children.  You want stability and low staff turnover, you want experts who will love and care for your children as you do.

There are many variants as to how much childcare costs, whether your child is with a childminder, attending a playgroup, a day nursery or even with grandparents can all affect the overall price.

Whatever the starting costs, parents may be able to access savings through Childcare Vouchers or the Childcare Tax scheme or be able to access some funding through college/university courses.

Childrens House Nursery Pre-school childcare costs southwell nottinghamshireFor instance all children are able to access 570 hours of childcare at the age of three and some children are eligible at age two.  For eligibility please check your childcare choices here.

Extended funding of up to 30 hours may be available at age three – making a total of 1140 hours of funded childcare a year.  You can check your eligibility for childcare choices here.

Some childcare settings may offer sibling discounts or payment schemes so it’s always worth asking.

How much does childcare cost at Children’s House Nursery?

For some idea of nursery costs at Children’s House Nursery in Southwell, Nottinghamshire you can read more here on Our Nursery Fees page.

You can also follow this link for eligibility and further information on Nursery Education Grants.