Foundation Unit (Pre school Nursery)

The Children's House Day Nursery Southwell Foundation Unit

We are very fortunate that our pre school nursery is housed in its very own building.

Whether you’re a new family to Children’s House Nursery, or already have a child in our Tinies & Tweenies Under 3’s Unit who is moving across to the Foundation Unit, we believe that all children are unique and therefore have no set procedure for transitioning your child into our pre nursery school.

If your child is new to Children’s House Nursery we might suggest you come along with your child to a ‘Stay and Play’ session.  These sessions allow parents to join in with their child, playing and joining in with the activities.  This also allows both of you to get to know the practitioners and become more familiar with our environment before your child starts short visits on their own.

Or if your child has been with us and is moving up to the Foundation Unit we will have discussed and agreed this with you and started a transition period.  This might involve Foundation Staff coming over to care for the children in the Under 3’s Unit and then the children making small trips across with their peers to the pre-school nursery.

Local school routines are followed so that each child’s independence, skills and learning can be encouraged, ensuring a smooth and easy transition to school.

With both transitions children start with short sessions, increasing them as they become more familiar with the practitioners and their environment.  Some children need several weeks of these visits (whilst others may only need a few).

For a new child during this transition period, as much information as possible is gathered from both parents/carers and our own observations.  A key worker is then allocated to each child, ensuring that there are good support links for both the child and parents. The key worker will work tirelessly to get to know each child through conversations, observations, play and many other skills.

At Children’s House we want to provide play and activities that encourage curiosity and a desire to learn.

Once your child is settled their key worker will take them on a learning journey, fostering their individuality.

Pre-school nursery activities, Children's House Nursery, Southwell, Notts

As part of our continuous provision, at Children’s House many of our everyday routines foster independence – all helping to develop school readiness.  From finding their coat peg, taking off and putting on outdoor clothing, using trays to keep personal belongings, using the toilet independently, self-registration and accessing toys independently and much more.

Some of these routines are fostered as part of our setting ethos.  However, we also follow routines from local schools (e.g. our lunch time procedure).

Both the indoor and outdoor environment is used to provide good quality play.  From Muddy Explorers, Forest School sessions, swimming lessons, French and Pyjama Drama to name a small selection.

We encourage and support celebrations, local events or familiar festivals including visiting local landmarks and amenities with emphasis made for child led learning (or as some call it “in the moment planning”).  We believe that children learn by doing, creating and exploring what they like best.  By bringing out their curiosity we hope to empower them and inspire in them the desire to learn and explore more.

Children’s House has excellent links with local schools.

Not only do the teachers come and visit the children in our setting but we also share ‘All About Me Records’ and where possible visit school with the children for Christmas Shows and other events.  This gives them the best possible chance of being ready for school, with a solid foundation on which to build their skills, when the time comes for them to leave Children’s House Pre-school Nursery.

Please contact us on 01636 378130 for an informal chat about how we can meet your pre-school nursery needs.